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Check out our research featured on Montclair State University’s Website!!

Our hands-on research allows for advancements to be made in understanding how children process and develop language. With the use of a fancy new eye-tracking system, our student researchers have been able to gain reliable and implicit measures that can help determine language comprehension in infants as young as 6 months old! Check out the article to learn more about what goes into this fantastic research!

Faculty and Student Research 2017!


Exciting News!

Exciting news!

Our research lab has been awarded a 3-year research grant from the National Science Foundation in the amount of $500,000! This research, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, will explore how infants and young children think about spatial configurations (such as ‘support’ – the teddy in ON the bed) and acquire spatial terms that encode these concepts (“on”, “stick on”, etc.). As always, if you are interested in participating please send us an email or sign on up on our lab webpage ( This research would not be possible without all our adorable infant and child participants!!!


We’ve moved!


We have a beautiful new lab space in Montclair State University’s brand new Center for Clinical Services building! The new Infant and Child Research Lab address is: Clove 147, Little Falls, NJ 07424.



This new space allows us to offer parents a large, comfortable waiting area, with toys and games for your children. In addition, if you would like, research assistants are always available to watch your other children while your baby/toddler is participating in the study with you.