Infant Studies



Looking for participants ages 0 to 24 months!

In our infant studies, your baby is seated on your lap, and is presented with displays consisting of objects or video animations. We measure your baby’s spontaneous reaction to the display, such as how long your baby spends looking at each display. Babies typically look longer at things they find new or surprising.

Therefore, we can make inferences about how they perceive and understand our displays by examining general patterns of looking across a number of infants. The infant studies typically last about 30 minutes. You will stay with your child at all times, and if you have other children who would like come along, we provide toys and babysitters for them as well. We offer free parking in “RESERVED” spots right in front of our facility.

You will receive monetary compensation for your travel, and your child will get a small prize for participating!


Click HERE if you are interested in participating in one of our studies with your child.