Child Studies


peace_girlLooking for participants 24 months and older!

With older children, the studies are set up like games and typically involve your child viewing child friendly pictures or viewing short movies and being asked questions about what he or she sees. The child will typically be with the experimenter while the parent waits in the waiting room. However, you may enter with your child if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Both children and parents usually find our studies enjoyable. Each study last about 45 minutes. We offer free parking in “RESERVED” spots right in front of our facility. Parents will receive monetary compensation for travel and children will receive a small prize for participating!


Click HERE if you are interested in participating in one of our studies with your child.


The Cognitive and Language Development Lab also invites parents to participate in research with The Talking Lab at Montclair State University. The Talking Lab studies how children remember, forget, and tell about things in their lives. This research is used to help adults – such as doctors, lawyers, social workers, and other helping  professionals -talk to children about things they’ve experienced.